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-Michael Halberstam

Founder of Writers Theatre

Chicago Tribune, May 2020


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Brando Crawford is an Argentine-American director, producer, actor, innovator, and educator born and raised in Oak Park, IL.  He was heralded as a “Visionary” in a front page, full page, cover profile in the Chicago Tribune (May 8th, 2020, Arts and Entertainment). His work has been featured in Variety, BBC World News, TimeOut New York and more.

As a filmmaker, Crawford is a producer on Who am I?  an experimental, immersive feature film directed by Johanna Block, which will premiere as an exhibition in Spring of 2022. Crawford served as Executive Producer on Finn Wolfhard’s directorial debut Night Shifts, Fantasia Film Festival Silver Winner and is set to direct his debut feature, Rumspringa in Spring of 2022.

Crawford is best known for Acting for a Cause, a film and theatre production company focused oncreating “art for the sake of art and impact”. 

"Simple enough idea... theater project in Oak Park responds to the current pandemic by doing fundraiser readings of plays in YouTube livestreams, with viewers invited to donate. Any money raised goes in part to the West Side’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Unremarkable until you get to the play casts: Florence Pugh, Oscar-nominated for “Little Women.” Brandon Flynn of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why.” Margaret Qualley, Willa Fitzgerald, Justice Smith. All young Hollywood actors. The organizer, director and casting agent of this endeavor, titled Acting for a Cause, is Brando Crawford, himself just 24... He is a visionary.” -Chicago Tribune, 2020

Acting for a Cause began in 2020, and continues as a viral series of curated play and screenplay table-reads with the best actors of young Hollywood, including Oscar Nominee Florence Pugh, Emmy Nominees Margaret Qualley, Zazie Beatz, Madeline Brewer, Grammy Winner Kathryn Gallagher, Kaia Gerber, Nat and Alex Wolff, Ruby Rose and around 100 other young Hollywood actors performing a variety of works including plays by Oscar winner Kenneth Lonergan, Nominee Jason Reitman, John Hughes, adaptations of Shakespeare, Austen, Fitzgerald and Wilde by Crawford. They have raised tens of thousands of dollars to charities including amfAR, EIFoundation, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Know Your Rights Camp. The current season includes The Great Gatsby, The Breakfast Club, and Julius Caesar.

Click here to donate and to watch all their latest work.

As an actor, Brando Crawford’s roots are in Chicago, having performed at Second City, Broadway in Chicago, the Chicago Theatre, and most notably in the National Premiere of Martyr by Marius Von Mayenberg at Steep Theatre, The Award Winning 2017 film The Student is based on the original text and visually inspired by this production.

“Brando Crawford is an excellent actor”

- Jacob Davis on Crawford's performance in Steep Theatre's Martyr, Chicago Critic

Crawford also appeared in Fine Tuned  a short by Craig Benzine, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, which was later turned into the mini-series Algorythym, Copy by Jeremiah Lewis, Runaway Hemingway by Jake Alfaro, among other works on film. .


Apart from directing, producing, and acting, Crawford co-owns and operates The Language and Music School and International Mansion in Oak Park with his mother, Maria Emilia Fermi, teaching private music and language to students of all ages.


Crawford is a board member of Visit Oak Park, Hemingway Business District, and the International Foundation for Education and Innovation.


Fun fact: Crawford is descendant of Nobel Prize Physicist, Enrico Fermi, and Brando Crawford’s family is recognized at the King David Legacy Center in Jerusalem for paternal Davidic Descent from both grandfathers, and he served as international spokesperson for Davidic Dynasty in 2020. 


Crawford is represented by Wolf Kasteler PR, Framework Entertainment, DDO Agency, and Ken Elkins Esquire. (Edited October 2021).