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Brando Crawford owns a $10 million portfolio of real estate holdings focused in the historic community of Oak Park, IL with two Farmsteads in Amish Country in Shipshewana, IN.

BCA has only worked with successful 20% CAP rates. In line with our ethical approach to investing,

90% of the properties are rented to single mothers with a creative approach

allowing for bi-monthly payments, lower credit scores, and a personal connection to each tenant. 

When starting his portfolio, Brando Crawford did not inherit any money, but used his college funds to purchase his first three flat which has since doubled in value. Now at 20 units of property, Crawford continues to buy wedge deals at a rapid pace with plans to build a 100M portfolio by 2025.

Brando Crawford serves as Executive Director of The Language and Music School (see an educational establishment offering

private lessons in language, music and academic tutoring and a progressive "homeschool in school" PreK- 8th Grade program.

The school was originally founded by his mother in 1994- together they run both aspects of the school. 

Crawford serves as the president of International Foundation for Education and Innovation, and for his efforts starting March 2020, he has been contacted by Forbes Magazine in consideration for the Forbes30under30 honor for Education.

Prior to investing, Crawford worked as a professional actor. Primarily on stage. In 2013, Jacob Davis of the Chicago Critic said "Brando Crawford is an Excellent Actor"

regarding his performance as Benjamin Sudel in the Steep US Premiere of Martyr by Marius Von Mayenburg. Crawford worked with producer Ron Howard on his New Media Short Films, specifically Fine Tuned where he was involved both in the approach

and creative team on the project and as one of the leading roles. Fine Tuned was recast and successfully turned into a series called "Algorythym" in 2015. Crawford lead Broadway in Chicago's fundraising efforts for the AIDS Foundation in Chicago, while acting in their 2014 circuit. Crawford is the founder of Acting for a Cause. Crawford started his career as an actor and creative team member on activist projects when he joined the creative team and also portrayed a character

in the 2010 music video "Make it Stop" by the activist band Rise Against that video in March 2020 has 33M views to date. In 2020, Crawford joined Faith Sparrow-Crawford as an executive producer on Finn Wolfhard's directorial debut, "Night Shifts". He also purchased and plans to develop the site to highlight Dobrik's philantropy.

Crawford is passionate about the arts and art education and continues to harness his connections in the industry, by approaching projects that help steer the world in the right direction.  

During the 2020 Quarantine for Covid-19 Crawford assembled a group of actors from Young Hollywood to perform readings of classic plays via video conference, the series called "Reading Classic Plays in Quarantine with Young Hollywood". 

On a personal note, Brando Crawford is both descended from Enrico Fermi, a noble prize winning physicist and is a supporter of the King David Legacy Center, himself a descendant of Rashi and Rabbi Joseph Fermi (17th century) on his mother's paternal line and the Caro (Caroford) family on his paternal line, both families known for their Davidic ties. His great Uncle, is Nobel Prize winner, Enrico Fermi, commonly known as the last man who "knew everything".

Brando started Brando Crawford and Associates Llc. as a series LLC to formalize his holdings and build his team.

In April 2020, Brando Crawford was picked up by Wolf Kasteler to become a client of their PR firm.

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